-11% on certain Studio Display screens

Three models of Apple’s Studio Display have an 11% discount at CDiscount. This is not the case with the entry-level model with a classic stand, which still benefits from a little boost in €1,689.99 instead of €1,749 at Apple (-3%). This concerns, however, the model with nano-textured screen and classic foot with €1,787.70 instead of €1,999, the model with standard glass and height-adjustable foot at €1,975.88 instead of €2,209, and the model with nano-textured glass and height-adjustable foot at €2,192.29 instead of €2,459.

Studio Display CDiscount

It is not known how long this offer put in place as part of the sales will be valid. Be careful, the Studio Display is not very popular but there are always very few units available.

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