2 color-themed children’s books

Two books for children to learn colorsColors are life! They say a lot of things. Blue, pink, yellow, green, purple! What’s your favorite color ?

To pay homage to colours, we have selected two books for children.

A world of colors is a magic animated book (Gründ) and What is your favorite color ? is an exciting documentary (Privat Jeunesse).

A world of colors

Julia Donaldson and Sharon King-Chai have crafted a superb book. Flaps to lift, flaps, cutouts, this interactive book is a real treat for the eyes. “What am I going to paint today? asks the author, we then enter a magical world!

Each page is animated: red for the hot air balloon, orange and yellow for the sun and the birds, green for nature, etc.
Playful, poetic and with a touch of humor (we love the blue pippin) this book will appeal to all children. It’s also a great idea for an end-of-year gift!
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A world of colors children's book
What is your favorite color ?

Michel Pastoureau takes juniors from the age of 6 by the hand so that they discover colors and their senses while having fun. In this beautifully illustrated documentary he recounts the history and meaning of colors past and present.

Why is the wedding dress white? And blue, why is it likened to cold, to France, to water?
For each color the author makes a small topo to tell it, a double page follows and gives interesting examples in connection with this one. Rémi Saillard’s illustrations give pride of place to the imagination, the whole thing is a flamboyant cocktail!
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what is your favorite color children's book

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