3 years with the best VPN on the market at a bargain price, here is CyberGhost

One of CyberGhost’s many strengths is undoubtedly its ability to offer you one of the largest server infrastructures in the world, both in terms of reliability and quantity. And for good reason, several thousand new servers have been added to the already huge list of CyberGhost, which now has more than 9000. All this, in addition, covering a very large part of the Globe, since you simply have 91 countries available and a total of 100 different locations with CyberGhost. In other words, you have the possibility of choosing with virtual certainty the replacement geolocation that will best meet your needs.

Whether in P2P or torrenting, CyberGhost’s reputation is second to none, especially since with dedicated servers at maximized speeds in order to avoid potential latencies as much as possible, your online activity becomes more difficult. all the more fluid, and therefore, pleasant. Let’s add that in streaming, CyberGhost is far from being outdone. In fact, connect to the intended substitute geolocation by choosing an appropriate server at CyberGhost. Then, connect to your usual streaming site or even SVOD, and thanks to your VPN, access the content normally only available in the chosen country with the substitution geolocation, which, without a VPN as good as CyberGhost, would not be not necessarily possible. It is therefore ideal, for example by choosing Japan, to obtain the Japanese catalogs of Netflix or even Prime without great difficulty.

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