400 million critics – Restitution of works / Fally Ipupa / “Tirailleurs”

Restitution of the works/Fally Ipupa/“Tirailleurs”

The team of “400 million critics” sets its stage at the National Museum of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Kinshasa. Contents: the return of works confiscated during colonization; Fally Ipupa, king of the rumba; “Tirailleurs”, by Mathieu Vadepied, with Omar Sy.

Guest: Patrick Muyaya, Congolese Minister of Communication and Media, spokesperson for the Lukonde government.

Presented by: Denise Époté, Yves Bigot. With the participation of Julie Sefu, Sylvestre Defontaine, Michel Cerutti. From Kinshasa.

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