50 million euros of investment for emlyon, which is expanding in Europe

emlyon acquires new shareholders to accelerate its development. This Friday, September 9, the Lyon management school announced a project to increase its capital by 50 million euros.

Presented as the European leader in private higher education, it is the Galileo Global Education group, owned by Thétys Invest, the investment holding company of the Bettencourt Meyers family, which takes a stake in the school, while the company Qualiumone of the school’s first investors in 2019, is selling its stake.

The CCI remains in the majority

BioMérieux and other companies emblematic of the Lyon region also took a stake in the school, but the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne, which founded the school in 1872, remains the majority shareholder.

With this new organization and the increase in its capital, emlyon is targeting the international market and intends to accelerate its development to become a global business university appearing ” in the European top 15 “.

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Short term, the school of Écully which already has campuses in Saint-Etienne, Paris, Shanghai, Bhubaneswar and even Mumbai, intends to set up four new campuses in London, Milan, Berlin and Oslo. It also intends to forge new partnerships, particularly in the fields of art, design and technology.

Completion in October

This development will provide emlyon with new immediate and long-term levers to accelerate the deployment of its strategic plan, while reaffirming its spirit, its values ​​and its commitment. “, thus affirmed the president of the board and general manager of the school, Isabelle Huault in the press release.

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The project, approved on September 8 by the General Assembly of the ICC and by each party, should now be finalized during the month of October.

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