7,637,643 passengers in 2022 (ONDA)

This volume represents a recovery rate of 74% compared to the same period of 2019 (10,313,365) and this, through 67,094 airport movements, i.e. a recovery rate of 73% compared to the year 2019, according to the same source.

For the month of December alone, the airport platform of the economic capital posted a recovery rate of 92% with 790,319 passengers welcomed, against 855,316 travelers during the same period of 2019, the Office said.

In addition, ONDA notes that for air traffic in December, Morocco’s airports welcomed 2,118,644 passengers through 17,072 airport movements, recording recovery rates, respectively, of 104% and 94% per report in December 2019.

With 2,155,942 passengers welcomed in 2022, domestic air triage recorded a recovery rate of 72% compared to 2019.

International traffic, meanwhile, recorded a recovery rate of 84% compared to 2019, welcoming 18,436,408 passengers. This traffic represents 90% of global air traffic. The markets of the Middle and Far East, North America and Europe exceeded, during the month of December 2022, the air traffic of the same period of 2019, with respective recovery rates of 126%, 114 % and 110%.

The share of Mohammed V airport with regard to airport movements is 38%, Marrakech Menara (21%) and Agadir Al Massira (8%).

Air freight recorded 69,751 tons at Moroccan airports over the past year, against 96,121 tons in 2019, representing a recovery rate of 73%, the same source said.


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