A biodiversity inventory

The municipality of Saint-Pryvé has long been involved in the protection of biodiversity. It was, moreover, the first in the metropolis, more than twenty-five years ago, to create a “Zero pesticide” zone. It has also defined a biodiversity space near the Belle-Arche and is one of the few to have created a pond, near the little wood of the Treasury, where batrachians frolic. Finally, the City has installed several beehives on the communal domain.

Residents are invited to participate

This environmental policy is supported with conviction by Béatrice Thauvin, municipal councillor, and Ludovic Tibéri, manager of technical services and green spaces. The latter shows a lot of inventiveness and creates sets, with his services.

This time, ten days before autumn, the municipality is launching its municipal biodiversity inventory (IBC). To do this, it contacted the Loiret nature environment association (LNE) and the Eco-Entomology laboratory, which will jointly carry out a study on biodiversity. Fauna and flora will therefore be the subject of meticulous observations in different areas of the Pryvatain territory.

While most of the actions will be carried out during the day, some will take place at night. In fact, bats and amphibians are observed at night. Specialists will be hard at work, but nature-loving Pryvatains can also take part in this study by communicating their observations, data and experiences to LNE.

Saint-Pryvé is the last municipality in the Olivetan canton to produce its IBC, and should be able to present it at the end of 2023. The field study lasts one year.

Practice. Possibility to communicate their observations on the site https://obs45.fr or by email to ndejean@lne45.org


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