“A dream come true”: an American couple got married in an Aldi supermarket

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An American couple got married in an Aldi on November 9. They had won a contest among 500 couples.

Mike and Jessica Hurd are Aldi fans. To the point of having said “yes” in one of the brands of the German group, this Wednesday, November 9, in Illinois (United States). “Getting married at Aldi is like a dream come true”, they testified to the American media Today.

The ceremony took place in Batavia, a medium-sized city located on the outskirts of Chicago. Aldi took care of everything, from the photo shoots – in the vegetable department, please – to the reception and exchange of vows. The couple had, a few days earlier, won a contest among 500 couples promising them a ceremony in one of the brands of the German group.

“It was fate”

Seeing each other only rarely since working shifts, Mike and Jessica Hurd jumped at the chance to organize the happy event in the store where they used to go every Sunday. “I asked Michael out after I found out he was an Aldi fan too,” Jessica told Today. “As soon as we heard about the contest to get married in an Aldi, we both agreed it was fate,” she added.

But that’s not all ! By winning the competition, the two lovebirds also won a year of free shopping in the store.

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