a football star joins Shakira’s camp, his technique is unstoppable!

Gerard Pique still mocked: a football star joins Shakira's camp, his tactics are unstoppable!  - BestImage

Gerard Pique still mocked: a football star joins Shakira’s camp, his tactics are unstoppable! – BestImage

It’s the song everyone’s been talking about since its release on January 12th. Shakira has released a new single where she goes after her ex, Gerard Pique and obviously a football star likes her a lot!

It is the hit of this beginning of the year 2023 and we have probably not finished hearing about it. A week ago, Shakira released, in collaboration with the Argentine rapper and producer Bizarrap, a brand new song and the third in which she talks about her breakup with Gerard Pique. In Monotoniashe was already talking about all the harm that the 35-year-old former footballer did to her, but with Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53she goes there in a very frontal way. “You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo. You swapped a Rolex for a Casio (…) Lots of hours in the gym, but you should also exercise your brain from time to time”, she swings to the father of her children, Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old).

A song that has already made a lot of money for the 45-year-old Colombian singer, but it’s not really for the money that she did it. For several months, it has been a real war that Shakira and Gerard Pique have been waging, in cold weather and who do not miss an opportunity to attack the other. If the former footballer took advantage of the buzz of this last song to grow his business, the information released on January 17 by the media Diario AS probably won’t make him happy. Indeed, according to the Spanish daily, a former football star was spotted leaving Shakira’s house by car while listening to the singer’s latest song.

A former FC legend…

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