A great race for HULK CHANTEREINE!

Yannick Hamon will delegate four of its boarders on Wednesday to Marseille-Vivaux. He delivered his impressions to our journalist Stéphane Davy :

INFRARED (109) arrived at the stable last year, in the spring. He did his homework last year. And, the last time, at Agen, he ran better than his disqualification indicates. Moreover, he crossed the post in Platonic 5th, that day, with resources. He is back on the track on which he finished 2nd in October. Stéphane Cingland who knows him well will not be able to drive him but I remain confident. Especially since the horse is well positioned in the lead. In my opinion, the podium is possible.

HULK CHANTEREINE (209) joined my roster in the fall. He took a good 2nd place at Vivaux, in November, before winning at Grenade-sur-Garonne. And, the last time, in Agen, he was not unworthy. His time was correct, a fortiori rail. This time he will be barefoot. It’s a good race for him, at the first rung. With Infrarouge, it is part of my two good chances of the meeting. Note however that with the laser start, it is easy but with the rubber band start, it sometimes takes a bit of thread. It is up to his driver to remain vigilant.

GALVESTON (303)) is not a champ. It was bought to claim but I think it will make us happy in the spring and summer on the grass. He will have a good program as an apprentice or as an amateur. The horse is in good shape. Also, on Wednesday, he is not out of business for obtaining a 4th-5th place.

DOMINO D’AUVRECY (412-photo) had a good end to the year, winning at Borélyn in November before finishing 2nd at Toulouse last month. The horse remained well. He will be dismissed. However, I prefer when he starts in the front line behind the autostart or at the first rung. From now on, it is preferable that he finds himself in the leading group. It motivates him. On Wednesday, he must return the distance, which could have an impact on his desire to “fight”. That’s my main reserve.”

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