A Major Update For Roboquest

Whether RoboQuest don’t tell you anything, we won’t hold it against you: we haven’t talked about it only once, and that was over a year after its early access release in August 2020. It’s a fast FPS rogue-lite with bots. We start with a not great weapon, and as the levels progress, we unlock more powerful abilities and guns. Obviously, the enemies in front are also stronger and more numerous, otherwise it would be completely lame. The artistic direction is not disgusting, with a cell shading very pronounced, and onomatopoeia to accompany the sound effects of the game, it’s just a shame that the opponents are not made of flesh and blood. The feeling seems a bit average, but to compensate, it’s rather nervous. If we’re talking about it today, it’s because a big update has arrived. It brings, among other things, the rocket jump, a new type of weapon, a new boss, a new class, etc.

There are also quite a few adjustments and bug fixes, so many things that will please the small base of daily players on Steam. All major changes are described in the blog postwhile the smallest details will be present in the patch note Long as a day without bread.

If Roboquest is still in early access, its release in final version is scheduled for this year. It is currently on sale at Steam for less than 14€but if you want it without DRM, it will be 16.79€ at GoG. Note that it is also included in the Xbox Game Pass.

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