A multilingual recital at the Pennautier theater

Muriel Batbie-Castell, accompanied by harpist Anne-Claire Cazalet, will give the recital By all paths this Wednesday, November 16 at 18 h 30, in the various languages ​​of France on the Na Loba stage to complete the Setmana of the Occitan paraula.

In this recital created from the work Florilège poétique des Langues de France, the singer and composer Muriel Batbie Castell decides to explore all the possibilities, a real vocal and linguistic feat alternating songs a capella or accompanied by guitar and poetic readings in 6 languages ​​(Alsatian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Corsican, Occitan), all built into a narrative framework.

Originally from Toulouse, the singer devotes herself to the interpretation of ancient or contemporary poetic works.

In 2020, the recital is enriched by the presence of Anne-Claire Cazalet, harpist, for the release of an album that Troba Vox editions commissioned from the singer. It is now with this duo that the recital travels, by all roads, and stops at Pennautier.

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