A NASA-funded space seaplane project to study Saturn’s moon Titan

For a dozen years, the Nasa funds state-of-the-art research programs to further exploration spatial years to come and develop cutting-edge technologies, as the review explains Science and Future. For this, the space agency has set up the “Nasa Innovative Advanced Concepts” (NIAC), to “identify and select a series of projects carried out by American companies or research organizations, which could, if they are feasible , mark a break in the objectives or the implementation of space missions”. For the year 2023, 14 proposals have been selected. “Nasa dares to make the impossible possible. And that can only be achieved through the thinkers and innovators who help us imagine and prepare for the future of space exploration,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. from NIAC provides these visionary scientists and engineers with the tools and support they need to hatch the technologies for NASA’s future missions.” This is notably the case of a seaplane project to explore Titan, the moon of Saturn which is one of 14 proposals and which will be the subject of grants from NASA, the space agency recently announced.

Nicknamed TitanAir, the aircraft was designed by Quinn Morley of Planet Enterprises in Gig Harbor, Washington. Its purpose would be to study the chemistry of Saturn’s largest moon, an icy world (…)

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