A nasty bug affects the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has just acknowledged that iPhone 14 Pro users may see flashing horizontal lines on the screen.

The year 2022 will not be remembered. Especially for iPhone users. Between delivery delays, price increases and bugs… it’s not always easy to have an iPhone.

In a recent note, Apple has just confirmed that iPhone 14 Pro owners can see flashing lines (green or yellow) on the lit screen of their smartphone. The bug will mainly affect the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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A long-awaited fix

Users experiencing these curious yellow and green lines have complained to Apple Support. The latter confirms the existence of a bug and promises a fix quickly. The origin of the bug would be the deployment of iOS 16.2 according to the Cupertino company.

Have you experienced this kind of bug? In writing, none of the iPhones had this more than disturbing behavior.

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