a new, even more massive search button is available on the taskbar

Did you find the new Windows 11 search button too big? Microsoft just made it even bigger. In the latest build of the operating system, available through the Dev channel, the Redmond company has indeed introduced a new design option for it. That being said, it is not only massive: it allows you to type your search directly on the taskbar.

windows 11 search button

This is a subject that will surely divide the users of Windows 11 — and interface perfectionists. Last July, Microsoft presented for the first time a new design for the taskbar search buttonreminiscent of its design under Windows 10. And for good reason: it is much larger than the usual magnifying glass of the latest version of the operating system.

The Redmond firm then gave no further news, until a few weeks ago, when this famous bar still taking up a lot of space has landed with the general public. If this one certainly suits several users, the others (in particular the one who writes these lines) deplored the presence of this button which is, ultimately, only a button. Indeed, impossible to use it to type your search.

Microsoft corrects the situation on the new search button in Windows 11

Never mind, there have obviously been many users who reported this problem to Microsoft since Windows 11 build 25252, available today via the Dev channel, corrects this slight problem. Indeed, a new design is now added to the other options, this time allowing you to search directly for an item on the search bar. Here is a summary of all the search options available via the Settings:

  • No icon : no search option in taskbar
  • Search icon: usual design of the search button in the form of a magnifying glass
  • Search button : design introduced a few weeks ago, long search bar that opens the start menu
  • Search box: bar even larger than the button, but in which it is possible to type your search

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It now remains to be determined whether this will be enough to convince the most skeptical – who will not fail to argue that all you have to do is press the Windows button on your keyboard, then type your search directly to obtain exactly the same result. Anyway, you can test this nostalgic little feature of Windows 10 if you are an Insider member on the Dev channel.

windows 11 new search
Credits: Microsoft

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