A new longer season ordered by the channel!

While the 2022 edition of the star Academy is preparing to close its doors on November 26, it is clear that in view of the enthusiasm and excellent audiences of La Quotidienne, the TF1 channel has decided to repeat the feat. “The next season was almost done even before the launch of season 10, but we still had to wait for the hearings. The signing was only to be done after the final, but in the end, TF1 wanted to speed up the process in order to open the casting from midnight on November 26” confided a source close to the production to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure. This new season should last between “12 and 15 weeks“according to the established contract. The source continued: “We expected housewives and young people to follow, but we never imagined such enthusiasm.“. It must be admitted that the live of the star Academy is one of the most commented subjects of Twitter every day with the #Star Academy #Staracademylive since the beginning of the competition.

Such enthusiasm had not been seen since the first seasons of Secret Story” according to a string frame. If the audiences of the prime are a little less good, they are still very correct.The scores on targets are exceptional, we are very far from those achieved by Mask Singer, Dance with the stars, The Voice or The Voice Kids. It’s a hit on every level“, he admitted.



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