A new model of PS5 could arrive in 2023

While it’s always tricky to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, a new model with an external disc drive could be launched.

Almost two years after the launch of the playstation5, you still have to be tenacious to get your hands on a console that, moreover, is selling very well. Recently, Sony made the decision toincrease the price of your PS5 by €50 to combat the devaluation of the dollar. But according to journalist Tom Hendersonit’s even a new version of the console that would be in the cards.

A new model, very different from the current one

Sony has already quietly launched two new PlayStation 5 models so far. Iterations bringing minor changes, like changing the fan from the very first model, or intended to reduce the weight of its console. However Henderson understands that a “new PlayStation 5”, presented internally as being the “model D” will be launched by the fall of 2023.

Do not expect a more powerful console. No “Pro” model on the horizon yet. But the originality of this model would lie in its unique design. Gone is the distinction between PS5 Digital Edition, without a Blu-Ray player, and the PS5 Standard. This “model D” would be entitled to a reworked design, possibly thinner, and above all to an external Blu-Ray player, in the form of an accessory to be connected via USB-C to the PS5.

The “Model D” PS5 could take on the features of the PS5 Digital Edition.©Sony Interactive Entertainment

Several advantages to this: Sony could rationalize its production lines to no longer focus on a single machine. Moreover, the separate marketing of a disc player would de facto improve the durability of its console. If the drive fails, there is no need to replace it entirely. Also, this peripheral would logically be compatible with the current PlayStation 5s. It would therefore offer buyers of a PS5 Digital Edition the possibility of playing games or films in physical format.

A PS5 Slim that does not say its name?

Observers are quick to draw plans for the comet. It’s true: the fall of 2023 sends us back exactly three years after the release of the PlayStation 5. Three years is also the time it took Sony to offer a PlayStation 4 Slim, in 2016. Let’s stick with it a first rumor concerning the existence of this “new” console?

We will have to be careful before learning more. Still, Tom Henderson is an informant with a good reputation, and this leak represents nothing less than the first “breaking news” from the new site he has just launched, Insider Gaming.

In recent days, Sony has in particular made people talk by inviting many journalists to discover its new virtual reality headset, the PS VR2. The company also made headlines by announcing that PS VR games would not be compatible with this new version of the helmet.

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