A new National Council for a new impetus

The first National Council of Ittihadi Youth was held on Saturday under the chairmanship of Abdallah Sibari at the USFP headquarters in Rabat.

The objective was to complete the process of organizational restructuring begun after 9th National Congress. And it is within this framework that the election of the members of the National Office of Ittihadi Youth took place, the list of names of which is as follows:

Assia Hadoki, Sara Aannan, Salam Belkhir, Samiha Laasab, Sanaa Bakali, Chadia Akrnan, Chaimaa Taaich, Sabrin Moussaoui, Abir Elboujdini, Kajmola Bouyoussef, Majda Hsiso, Hajar Omoussa, Houda Elcharra, Hind Ksyour, Waim Hamd, Amin Faik, Anas Rahoni , Anour Idrissi, Anour Elhadi, Hamza Ben Tahar, Hamza Matmit, Rachad El Maloki, Zyad Bensala, Trarik Boubkri, Taha Safi Eddinne, Abdeilah Draoui, Abdeilah Moaatamad, Fadi wakili Arsraoui, Mohsin El Ghafiri, Mohamed Adib, Hicham Alam and YounessTifouti.


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