A new PS5 with a “detachable” disc drive is in the works

A third version of PS5 for September 2024? This is what Tom Henderson’s sources seem to indicate in an article recently published on his new website. According to the insider’s statements, this new PS5 would aim to replace all current models of the PlayStation 5 that have been available since November 2020.

A new PS5 for September 2024

PS5 Digital Edition Review

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Tom Henderson is a well-known insider who has managed to get a lot of insider scoops in the video game industry. Regarding PlayStation, he was the first to mention the “Pro” controller as well as new accessories at the beginning of summer. Information that was confirmed a few weeks later with the InZone range from Sony and the announcement of thea DualSense Edge at Gamescom.

Today, Tom Henderson announced the opening of Insider Gaming, a gaming news site that would obviously be held by several insiders. To celebrate the opening, Henderson has published a first scoop concerning the arrival of a new model of PS5, expected for the month of September 2024 and which should completely replace the chassis A, B and C of the console which are in production. since the launch of the PS5 in November 2020.

According to the first details, this PS5 would be an “All Digital” console with a detachable disc player. The removable disk drive will be connected to the PlayStation 5 via an additional USB-C port located on the back of the console. Also according to Tom Henderson’s sources, the new console, currently named PlayStation 5 D-frame, will have nearly identical hardware to existing consoles.

Obviously, Sony plans to sell the new console on its own, as a PS5 Digital Edition or as a bundle with the disc player. According to the first information, the disk drive will not be compatible with one and the same machine. So if you break your disc drive, you can buy a new one without having to change consoles.

For the moment, no price has been discussed by Tom Henderson and his sources.

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