a new way of approaching cybersecurity with video games

Seela, the Pr0ph3cy group’s cybersecurity e-learning platform, offers offensive and defensive cybersecurity training via solo or team challenges using BattleH4ck.

Developed by the experts at Seela, BattleH4ck is based on the user experience and highlights the rise in skills of each player. Through the exercises, created in a wide range of “cyber” themes, each participant can follow his progress and if he wishes, share it with his peers. The exercises are renewed every three months to guarantee a constant increase in skills. In addition to allowing players to take advantage of cyberattacks, BattleH4ck also aligns with the cybersecurity training offered by the cybersecurity e-learning platform.

Pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity learning with BattleH4ck

To address the cybersecurity talent shortage, BattleH4ck also includes a dedicated posting feature for job postings. Companies looking for talent have the option of publishing their job descriptions directly on the platform. Thus, recruiters can choose to show the offer to more or less experienced players depending on the number of points earned on BattleH4ck. Several subscriptions are offered, including a formula at 10 euros per month for the game alone or 55 euros per month for the game and access to Seela training. Subscribers to Seela training automatically benefit from free access to BattleH4ck.

Arthur Bataille, founder and CEO of the Pr0ph3cy group, says:

Digital tools are the Achilles heel of any 21st century business. With a historically high number of cyberattacks in France, we note a real awareness of the leaders. This new platform helps us nurture the pool of French cybersecurity talent in a fun way. BattleH4ck is on the verge of bringing together the largest community of cybersecurity learning experts in France.

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