A new way of working for Seth Rollins since having a daughter

In an interview for the METRO site, Seth Rollins revealed that he changed his way of approaching wrestling matches with the birth of his daughter.

He tells us :

“For me, it’s one of the things that inspires me the most. You want to work harder to make your child proud and earn as much as you can to support that person. I think she was an additional inspiration in that sense, but at the same time she obviously made me see things in a safer way.

I need to be able to follow her everywhere – she’s two now, so she’s running around like a savage, with lots of ups and downs. I want to be able to do that stuff with her. You’re definitely starting to think about taking it easy in the ring so you don’t hurt too much in your free time.”

Despite this change in philosophy, Seth Rollins has lost absolutely nothing of his talent, proof of which is his most recent match for the United States title against Bobby Lashley, not to mention all his rivalries for a little over 10 years. a year where the former architect of Shield demonstrates that he is one of the best in ring performers on the planet.

See you next October 8 at the PLE Extreme Rules to be dazzled once again with a Fight Pit Match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle which promises to be explosive.

Photo credit: WWE


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