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It is precisely to make this type of learning accessible to as many people as possible that Yohan Blanc founded the Artline Institute in 2013 alongside his brother, Thomas. Entirely online, the school offers distance learning courses, which allows it to be open to everyone, without having to move to a big city. In addition to this aspect, the Institute also wants to be broader in terms of the profile of the students recruited. “Classical schools generally require a portfolio, a first experience,” underlines Yohan Blanc, who is also the director of the establishment.

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A prerequisite which therefore eliminates a lot of candidates, but for which Artline operates differently. “We are more interested in the profile and the ability to learn”, underlines the director. In recruitment, it is therefore also a question of age. Here again, this is an often discriminating factor for entering a “classic” school: “It is often very complicated to train for those over 26 years old. But, on our side, we do not have these age limits”, continues the director.

Ten years after its creation, the Artline Institute includes “between 600 and 700 students”, who benefit from different training courses and practical applications. The preparatory courses, bachelors and other masters offered by the school then lead them to careers in animation or video games. A royal road that lasts between three and five years, and leads to a whole host of trades that are in high demand today.

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As for the courses, they are given by trainers from the most prestigious French companies in the field such as Ubisoft (“Assassin’s Creed”, “Rayman”, “Splinter Cell”, etc.) or Illumination Studios (“Tous en scène”, “ The Minions”, etc.). To work, students can therefore both organize their working time and take part in occasional meetings with the trainers.

An award-winning school

A pioneer in distance working and teaching – years before the Covid episode – the Artline Institute continues to seek how to adapt and keep pace with an industry that is moving at top speed. “France is a country very focused on digital creation. It is a sector that is becoming more professional and diversifying. You have to constantly adapt”, recognizes a Yohan Blanc “on the lookout for developments in the sector” and the learning that ensues: “We no longer teach like ten years ago”.

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Settled in Béarn for a little over a year, he admits that he “wants to work with local actors”: “perhaps by creating one-off events”. One more way to develop this institute, which is now very well established in the video game landscape. The Artline Institute has indeed been awarded in several categories of The Rookies ranking.

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