A prototype “magical” MagSafe charger has been revealed

When the iPhone 12 was released in 2020 Apple introduced a brand new charging technology: MagSafe. Using the wireless charging method already present in iPhones for a few years, the Apple brand has perfected this system to offer an alternative solution to its major AirPower project.

But according to new information Apple had the idea at the time to develop another charger than the simple wired base that we know today. With the “Magic Charger” the Cupertino company would have offered a whole support for iPhone capable of recovering and thus recharging the phone in a vertical position.

It is on Twitter that the first images of this prototype have appeared in recent days. User @TheBlueMister seems to have been the first to share these photographs before they were taken up all over the web. Far from being a stranger, this informant of the Apple brand regularly publishes images of old prototypes of Apple products that have not seen the light of day.

He gave no details on how this charger works, nor the reasons why Apple abandoned the project. Given the level of detail on the prototype, Apple certainly put an end to this development in the last months before the marketing of the object.

Apple prepares for after Lightning

Today Apple is trying to develop features around MagSafe but user feedback is fairly neutral. The arrival of external batteries that attach to the back of the phone is one of the solutions offered by the Apple brand, but not all models are compatible yet (the mini ones are too small to be entitled to such a device) .

Whereas the switch to USB-C has been imposed on iPhones by the European Union, Apple could choose to ignore this demand from the old continent and offer an iPhone that only charges with a wireless solution. An option currently being considered but which should not see the light of day for several years.

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i-nfo.fr – Official App iPhon.fr

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