A YouTuber manages to transform a Nintendo Wii into a Mac Mini M1

A YouTuber manages to transform a Nintendo Wii into a Mac Mini M1

The Wii is a home game console launched by Nintendo in 2006. It has not been produced since 2013, but many gamers still have it in their closet. the
Mac mini M1 is, moreover, the first Apple computer to be equipped with the in-house M1 processor. It was released in 2020.

We never thought we would see a wedding between the two one day. However, this is what Luke Mianian American tech videographer who has transformed his console into a Mac Mini M1.

A crazy project that works

Basically, what the Youtuber did was to put the components of the Mac Mini M1 in the chassis of a Wii. Said like this, it seems easy, but in fact, the operation was more complex.

As Luke Miani explains in his video published on YouTube, he encountered some difficulties related to the integration of certain components. This is the case of the fan which was much larger for the Apple computer. Our handyman had to find another smaller one in order to be able to integrate it into the console box.

Luke Miani faced the same food concern. He was able to circumvent the problem by taking a microsoft surface charger and pairing it with the original Wii connector.

After passing all the blockages, the American videographer finally managed to bring his project to fruition. Result, the device works perfectly and without knowing it, it is difficult to guess that it is actually a Mac Mini M1 and not a Wii console. By the way, to make it even more interesting, Luke Miani installed Dolphin Emulator which allows it to play original Wii games in 4K.

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