Access UAE, new member of the Spanish Business Council in the Emirates | Atalayar

Access UAE, a professional services consulting firm specializing in business strategy and whose mission is to boost the business of its clients in the Emirati market, has joined the Spanish Business Council, an organization whose objective is to strengthen commercial and cultural ties between Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

This organization, founded in 2005 and supported by the Spanish Embassy and its Trade Office, is a platform for the exchange of information and experiences that promotes business relations, as well as mutual promotion between the UAE and Spain, thus strengthening its brand image in the Arab country. This is reflected in the more than 150 Spanish companies that are already established and permanently operating in the country.

“The UAE government provides the means to facilitate the entry of foreign investors, however, initial procedures can be complex. Having the right professional support and guidance can make the process easier and faster,” said Borja Gervás, CEO of Access UAE.

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