Accused of sexual assault, Illan Castronovo sues Alix Desmoineaux for defamation

“I lost everything, my honor, my job”: Illan Castronovo, ex-candidate of reality showdemanded condemnation on Wednesday, in particular for defamationof the influencer Alix Desmoineaux, often presented as “the ambassador of #MeToo reality TV”, who indirectly accused him of sexual assault.

Heroes of Marseilles and of Princes and princesses of love, Illan Castronovo, 29, is suing the former actress before the Marseille Criminal Court, for defamation, public insult, harassment and slanderous denunciation.

Insults on social networks

On the eve of the publication of his book, in November 2021, Alix Desmoineaux had claimed on the Melty site to have watched a video in which a reality TV actor allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman initially presented as a minor.

The next day, on the show Do not touch My TV by Cyril Hanouna, on C8, she returned to the subject, still without quoting Illan Castronovo. But social networks had identified and denounced him. “She described me so much in her interview that there was no need to give my name,” Illan Castronovo explained to the court, strapped in a three-piece suit.

Following these accusations, the reality TV actor would have been the target of insults on social networks and he would even have been attacked in the street, in Lyon, where he lived, pleaded his lawyer, Me Samuel Chicha. Judgment will be delivered on March 10.

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