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Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard is currently under review by the European Commission. Even as the competition regulator conducts a thorough review of the deal, one of its deputies has split a tweet that could be considered biased. The European Commission wanted to clarify the situation via a statement on the website of TweakTown.

An unwelcome statement…

The official information of the opening of an in-depth examination by the European Commission reached us barely a week ago, and a few days later, MEP Ricardo Cardoso posted the following tweet:

The Commission is working to ensure that you can still play Call of Duty on other consoles (including my Playstation) […]

Thus, even without wanting to impute any allegiance to the deputy, this statement can and has effectively challenged the gaming community. Indeed, while the question of respect for competition is mainly focused on the continued presence of Call of Duty on platforms competing with Xbox, it is disappointing to see an MP highlight the goal of ensuring that we have the game on “his” PlayStation. Especially since Microsoft has recently asserted his willingness to continue publishing the game on PlayStation.

…but cheeky about the case

However, when you put aside the unexpected nature of this statement from an official and stick to the examination of the deal, you realize that it has little ‘importance. Indeed, as Adriana Podesta, spokesperson for the European Commission, said:

Mr Cardoso works in the Directorate General for the Internal Market and not in the Directorate General for Competition.

[Il] is not involved in the valuation of this transaction. Also, as made clear in his Twitter profile, he tweets in a personal capacity.

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