activist Solveig Alloin scares away a matador on the set of TPMP (VIDEO)

Should bullfighting be banned? It was the great debate of the evening in Do not touch My TV. Recall that this Thursday, November 24, Aymeric Caron gave up presenting his bill against bullfighting in the Assembly. “When I speak to you, there were still more than 450 amendments to be discussed, it was at least 24 hours of debate”, explained the former columnist of Laurent Ruquier in front of the cameras. The deputy La France Insoumise spoke of “areally stupid mendments” deposited”for the sole purpose of preventing us from having this debate”. Aymeric Caron also denounced a “proof of cowardice on the part of many deputies, who were afraid to have this debate today in the Assembly”.

To discuss this thorny subject on the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna received a matador in the person of Marc Serrano and Yannis Ezziadi, a journalist passionate about bullfighting. To face them, the activist Solveig Halloin, already known from the show for her inhabited and lunar interventions. After briefly letting Marc Serrano and Yannis Ezziadi speak, the activist captured all the attention on the C8 show. While she had made up her arm with fake blood, the activist sat down on one of the tables on the set so that the camera could not film the matador, guest of the evening. “We tear off the ears and tails of these gentlemen”, she notably offered as a treatment for the two guests, referring to this practice once the bull died following a bullfight.

When Cyril Hanouna offered him to debate with the matador Marc Serrano, Solveig Alloin categorically refused. “We do not speak to a murderer, it is very dangerous. I am here to be the spokesperson for the bovine martyrs, the bull martyrs, the cow martyrs, the heifer martyrs”, she shouted. “We do not dialogue with danger, they are extremely dangerous people, we fight them“, she repeated with passion. Seeing that he could not place one, the matador Marc Serrano got up from his seat and joined Cyril Hanouna to indicate that he was leaving the set. “I will thank you, one day when there will be a very calm debate, I will come back“, he declared. For his part, the host tried to calm the activist by explaining to her that she was serving her cause but in vain… In May 2021, the activist and activist already invited to the broadcast to discuss abuse in slaughterhouses shocked Benjamin Castaldi by comparing slaughterhouses to concentration camps.


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