Adamo’s painful confession: ‘I’m ready to go’

Adamo fans are worried. While the 79-year-old singer was to go back on stage at the start of 2023 to promote his album In French Please, a health problem decided otherwise.

He suffers from a hematoma on a vocal cord, revealed the Parisian at the beginning of January. A month earlier, on December 8, he confided in Télé Star in an interview which has just been published.

The singer makes a painful confession about his vision of the time he has left to live: “I try not to think about it but I’m ready to go. Life allowed me to do what I loved”he says.

In the next months, Adamo must give concerts in Belgium. Until then, he must re-educate his vocal cords and hopes not to have to have surgery. He had already had to undergo surgery in 2019 and was forced not to speak or sing for 3 months.

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