Africa of the arts: ask for the program!

Joana Choumali, You Can't Separate Waves, 2022. - Credit:Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery

Joana Choumali, You Can’t Separate Waves, 2022. – Credit:Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery

Dn the current period until the beginning of March, it is a cocktail of events around contemporary African art and pan-African film that we propose to share with you. Classified in accordance with a progressive chronology, they take place as much in Europe as in Africa, and sometimes on both continents.

– Hyacinthe Ouattara: first artist in residence at the 193 Gallery

In its new space, opposite the 193 Gallery, its founder, César Lévy offers a special program, around studio-residences intended to favor creation in a space that becomes a laboratory workshop, but also meetings between artists, visitors and collectors. Until February 15, carte blanche is given to Burkinabè Hyacinthe Ouattara, first guest artist. The piece he creates, in the center of the space, grows and evolves day by day. It is part of his “Empreinte” series and will be exhibited in February at the 1-54 fair in Marrakech. This sculpture is made of pieces of fabric, patiently assembled. “I like the spontaneity with the gestures of the work which takes a road, draws a path. I am in this quest for the ambivalence of human existence”, explains Hyacinthe. Fabric is not just a material. The pieces he works on are carefully chosen. He hunts for them in flea markets, garage sales or at Emmaüs. Everyone has their own story. The work becomes “a compendium of traces of time and lives […] Read more

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