after 40, five creams to try to slow down aging

Smoothing, firming, plumping… These sure values ​​of cosmetics defy time. Make your choices.

The question we ask beauty journalists the most? “What is the best creamanti-aging ?” As in love, the one that is made for you, that meets the needs of the moment of your skin, your way of life, your budget, who you like physically and, what’s more, morally. It won’t save you ten years, but without it you can to get old twice as fast. So it’s time to look for it.

From 35-40 years old, we focus on antioxidants

L’Occitane cultivates an iconic one, the immortal. Essential oil, oily or aqueous extract… in its Precious Immortal Cream, they all work together to protect against external aggressions, stimulate the synthesis ofhyaluronic acidimprove epidermis texture, elasticity, luminosity, even pore size.
You can also strengthen your skin by relying on the regenerating power of the native samphire cells of Skinmunity Powercell by Helena Rubinstein. A well of green science in gel-cream.
Clinique’s Smart Clinical Repair Anti-Wrinkle Correcting Cream has two faces, a light version and a creamier version, but both are packed with peptides, soybean extract and hyaluronic acid that boost everything that tends to laze around.

With the menopause and the drop in estrogen, the situation is getting more complicated but is far from being hopeless, because some brands are taking a close interest in it. Clarins found that the fibroblasts not only produced less collagen and elastin, but that they struggled to keep them in tension. So she reformulated her famous Multi-Intensive and coupled her organic, retinol-like harungana with a new anti-sagging gorse extract.

Vichy, she looked at the rise in cortisol which accentuates dull complexion and inflammation. In its Neovadiol creams, co-developed with endocrinologists and gynecologists, it has added a cassia extract which compensates for the phenomenon. Quinquas but filled!

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