After the deception, Ime Udoka publicly humiliated by his ex-wife!

Nia Long reacted to Celtics manager Ime Udoka's infidelity

@iamnialong / Boston Celtics (DR)

We would have almost forgotten it with the excellent season of the Celtics, but they lost their coach in the offseason for a dark affair of morals. If Ime Udoka has been discreet since then, his ex-wife Nia Long has just made a very noticeable public appearance. She was indeed seen on the arm of a star much younger than her, which ignited social networks.

Because the Celtics are the best team in the NBA since the start of the season, the Ime Udoka scandal quickly fell into oblivion. His replacement Joe Mazzulla leads the franchise with a master hand, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have never been so dominant, so it is very difficult to imagine that they have just lost one of the best coaches in the league. , the man who led them to the Finals.

Not only must it be difficult for Ime Udoka to see his team doing so well without him, but he also has to face the consequences of his actions. His ex-wife Nia Long, who was cheated on publicly, has just taken her revenge. She was spotted on a red carpet with Omarion, a famous R&B singer, and the two seemed particularly close…

Ime Udoka’s ex-wife appears with a new man!

Omarion, visibly very proud of his +1 for this gala evening, posted a viral video on social networks. We see him on the arm of Nia Long, and the ex-wife of Ime Udoka does not hesitate to take him by the hand to drag him on the red carpet. The singer’s smile says a lot about the relationship they have. In the comments, Internet users have stirred the knife in the wound.

You are beautiful together!!!

Nia Long, necessarily made aware of the huge buzz on the networks social, explained that she was still single and that this video should not be trusted. But the attitudes do not deceive, the looks either, there is a flagrant complicity with the singer.

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