After Your Name, Makoto Shinkai is a hit in Japan with Suzume

The last film of the one who is often compared to Hayaho Miyazaki made a very impressive debut on the archipelago.

In just three days of operation, susume no Tojimari raked in 1.88 billion yen, rising to the top of the Japanese box office. According to the website Forbesthis canon start surpasses even that of the director’s most popular film, Your Name. susume has indeed sold 38.7% more tickets than its predecessor, and reported 47.4% in revenue over the same period. Given the huge success of Your Nameincluding internationally, susume therefore set off on a foundation allowing Shinkai’s latest poetic masterpiece to break all records.

On the tracks of Your Name

When it was released in 2016, Your Name had surprised in particular by its number of entries recorded in Japan, becoming the fourth most seen film of all time on the archipelago behind monsters such as titanic Where The Queen of Snows. In total, it will have brought in 25 billion yen on its territory, and more than 380 million dollars by adding the total of its entries abroad. Here too, Makoto Shinkai’s film will have set a number of records for an animated film. On the strength of this global plebiscite, Your Name will even know a live action adaptation. susume no Tojimari could therefore follow in the footsteps of its elder, including abroad, where its release is scheduled for the course of the year 2023.


A gateway to adulthood

While waiting to finally be able to discover this nugget in French cinemas, let’s recall the synopsis of susume no Tojimari. While living in a rural area of ​​the island of Kyushu, young Suzume encounters a mysterious young man looking for a door. The duo find her in a remote old building, but opening her door triggers disaster gates to appear all over Japan. During a long journey across the country to close these cursed doors one by one, Suzume will also make an initiatory journey towards maturity and freedom.

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