AirFly SE: the new model for connecting your AirPods to a jack on sale in France

Announcement last september, the AirFly SE is finally available in France. It is sold for €44.99 at Fnac and at Darty. This is a new version of the AirFly, an audio transmitter used to use Bluetooth headphones with a wired source. Typically, this accessory allows you to use your AirPods on the plane with an onboard screen that only has a jack as an audio output.

AirFly. Picture Twelve South.

The AirFly SE has a 20-hour battery life and works with just one pair of AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) at a time. There is also the AirFly Duo which has the same autonomy but which can manage two pairs of headphones simultaneously. It’s that time on sale at €44.99 on Amazon instead of 55 €. Suffice to say that at an equivalent price between the SE and the Duo, it is better to take the Duo.

There is a third version, the AirFly Pro, which also allows you to stream music from your iPhone to a device with an auxiliary input. This costs €54.99.


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