Akedo, a video game studio based in the Var, releases its first opus

An anti-Indiana Jones. Hat on his head, Nick Reckless, the hero of the eponymous video game, wanders from table to table, facing his opponents to progress. A game to be classified in the “vintage” category in 2D. Something to bring back great memories to the kids of the 1990s who spent hours in front of the first Super Mario or other Rick Dangerous or the first Prince Of Persia.

This game was born in the Akedo studio. Its particularity: being based in Sainte-Maxime. Behind this, hide Nicolas Juspin and Zoé Toussaint. “I was working at Ubisoft Montreal. At one point, I wanted to try the independent solo experience. By dint of working on very realistic productions, with cutscenes, I just wanted to play games like Zelda 3 on Super Nintendo happiness!”pleads the former 3D programmer of the house who gave the Assassin’s Creed saga.

For three years, Nicolas lays the foundations of what will allow him to develop his game: his technology. Definition of the master to play for neophytes: “meaning the rendering engine, the tools to make the games.”

Independent and self-financed studio

Thus, he accumulates the hours to create his graphics, the sounds, the management of the joystick, the animations, the management of the backups… And that’s not all. “It took two years to come up with all the actions of the character, the use of weapons, how to script the game so that it wasn’t too hard either.”

Finally the last part was devoted to the game itself, with the scenario and the gameplay. Everything is homemade and as an independent studio, Akedo also self-funded to release Nick Reckless.

Once the game was completed, the couple traveled to the various specialized fairs to present their production to the public, in France and in Canada. “We had it tested and it was pretty well received. According to the players’ feedback, we adopted certain things. But then, with the confinement and the absence of events, we worked blind”confides Zoé, who supports her husband in “everything that is not technical“, particularly in his specialty: communication and marketing.

The game finally launched on the Steam platform in 2021.

“It is often said that it takes four or five games to make a hit”

“With a mixed reception, we made sales but it didn’t take off”, they explain. But this opus calls for others. On the strength of this first experience, Nicolas and Zoé intend to prolong the pleasure.

“We learned a lot of things that will serve us for the future”, pleads Zoe. For Nicolas, everything he has put in place for this first opus will be useful to others, in particular the technology and the machine.

“It won’t be done again. But the next game will not be in the same spirit, it will be action, where you can develop characters, weapons, with a view from above and in 2D always. “

And this time, it will be a 100% Varoise production since the couple has definitely settled in Sainte-Maxime in 2020. Waiting for success.

“They say it takes four or five games to make a hit, we hang on!”they conclude in unison.




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