Alain Sebbah sings Serge Lama

How lucky for Calvisson to welcome Alain Sebbah, Friday, November 25 at 8:30 p.m. at the communal foyer, to perform and sing Serge Lama. Even if Alain Sebbah has some gestures and intonations reminiscent of Serge Lama, he is much more than a resemblance to the artist to whom he has been paying homage for more than thirty years now, through concerts throughout France, but also in Maghreb, Spain and Benelux.

Serge Lama, a real passion

When he was 8-9 years old, “I had a friend older than me, who made me listen to singers from the 1970s, and one day he introduced me to Serge Lama, that day nothing was the same, my life had changed. A passion for Serge Lama was born. I think, I live and I sing Serge Lama whose repertoire, singer and man are for me the Grail.”

When Alain Sebbah begins his show, with the first musical notes, the first intonations of his voice, we already know that we are going to spend an exceptional and unforgettable evening with a passionate and talented singer.

A show organized by apromicav.

Reservation on 06 31 01 59 95.

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