Albion Online – Albion Online prepares the opening of a server in Asia

Albion Online is already enjoying some success in the West. The PvP MMORPG is about to launch a new server in Asia, for Asian players but perhaps also for Western players looking for a fresh start.

East Albion

Albion Online sometimes appears to be incongruous in the small world of massively multiplayer games insofar as the MMORPGs from the studio Interactive Sandbox not only managed to find its audience despite a gameplay resolutely focused on pvp (while Western players are sometimes said to be refractory to overly competitive game mechanics), but also manages to retain its players over the past few years (not all MMOs succeed in this).

And if Albion Online has made a name for itself in the West, the game now announces the opening ofa new server in Asia – christened the server “ East Albion “. Concretely, the server will be the subject of a beta from February 20 to March 13, followed by an official launch scheduled for March 20, 2023. As in the West, Albion East will be distributed according to a free-to-play model, but of the founders packs (sold between 30 and 200 dollars) will facilitate the first steps in the game.

We easily understand studio strategy Sandbox at work here: Asia is a very dynamic market for online gaming, Asian players are traditionally quite keen on PvP mechanics and we imagine that Albion East will easily find a new audience who will appreciate being able to play on a server geographically located in Asia. What, no doubt, significantly boost the economic health of the developer.

An Asian server also intended for Western players?

However, it is also observed that the presentation of the Albion Est server is available in several Western languages ​​(including French). In its communication, the Sandbox studio also praises the ” new start » represented by the opening of this unique server. In other words, western players who would like to start on a virgin server could be tempted to also settle on this new server – and Sandbox Interactive does not seem resistant to this idea (no IP blocking), even encourages it (by offering translations).

The developer may see it as a way to quickly populate this new server, in order to quickly install a PvP dynamic there, while the game is known in Asia. Unless it should be seen as a trial balloon in anticipation of future “new start” servers in the West?


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