Algeria-Chan: When sportsmanship is flouted live

The FRMF strongly condemned the malicious acts and the despicable maneuvers that occurred during the opening of the 7th edition of the CHAN organized in Algeria, at the beginning of the year.

The Moroccan public will not keep an imperishable memory of this sporting event which began on Friday January 13, 2023. And neither will the FRMF: “A provocative and surreal speech which flouted the rules governing the organization of football events”, perhaps we read in the press release issued by the body. The Federation expressed its deep disgust at the racist remarks made by the supporters present “with regard to the Moroccan public known for its civic-mindedness”. We rewind, that day, some of the Algerian supporters chanted racist, offensive and hateful slogans. People certainly mandated by the Algerian regime which will have succeeded in the feat of finding thousands of individuals to insult Moroccans.

THE FRMF rejected these behaviors contrary to the principles and values ​​of football. And it is quite logical that it calls on the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to take the necessary measures to avoid such slippages in the future and to ensure that sports competitions take place in a spirit of fair play and mutual respect. Notions that seem to have disappeared from the hostile and eternally warlike universe of the generals. Worse still, during the opening ceremony on Friday evening, an alleged South African politician was invited by the Algerian Football Federation to deliver an opening speech. Zwelivelile Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, who seems to have been “dearly” motivated, simply called for war against Morocco! The character, before arriving in Algeria, received the Islamic prize for human rights in… Tehran!

The pinnacle of the absurd is to go out of your way to organize a sporting event, festive by definition, and to make it a political platform with the sole objective of harassing Morocco and further poisoning the situation in the region. Far from the sporting spirit of a competition supposed to bring together local players from the continent, we find ourselves bathed in Shiism, with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, warmongering slogans…

Reaction from CAF and… the web
The indignation was quick to rain on the web, qualifying this behavior of all names. Even the famous Kabyle leader Ferhat Mhenni could not hold back, writing on Twitter: “Algeria feeds and encourages Moroccan hate speech. Using Mandela’s grandson to, in his ignorance or corruption, call for war against this country is despicable. It is not Mandela who wants. Long live free and independent Kabylia”.

And to say that all the Moroccan people, in 2019, following the memorable performance of the Algerian national team in the African Cup of Nations, had regularly taken to the streets to celebrate the successive victories and the final coronation of the team. of our brothers and neighbours!

CAF reacted last Sunday, in a press release, announcing that it would carry out investigations into these statements. The African Federation will therefore share its conclusions at the appropriate time, continues the press release, which insists on the fact that “these political declarations are not those of CAF (…) as a politically neutral organization”.
As a reminder, the Moroccan U23 selection, defending champion, winner of the last two editions of CHAN, could not travel to Constantine in Algeria to compete in the 2023 edition due to the refusal of the Algerian authorities to authorize a Royal Air Maroc direct flight between Rabat and Constantine to transport the Moroccan delegation. The latter, who was to participate in CHAN 2022, traveled to Rabat-Salé airport on Friday where a RAM plane was waiting for “a flight authorization” to reach Constantine, the city where the team’s matches will take place. Moroccan.

Permission will never come. Finally, nothing surprising on the part of a regime which forbade all the Algerian media to quote the word “Morocco” during the World Cup in Qatar. The splendid career of the Atlas Lions has visibly left psychic scars among the leaders of El Mouradia. It was not necessary that the Moroccan supporters make the front page of practically all the major newspapers of the planet, for their civility and their fair play. The Arab peoples (including the Palestinians whom the regime of the generals believed they had bought) should not celebrate Morocco, which awakened in them feelings of pride and greatness… What a nasty defect jealousy can be! The entire continent and the Arab world are also witnessing the pathological excesses of the Algerian military regime, which no longer knows what to do as the noose tightens around the junta.


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