“Alibi.com 2” acclaimed at the Alpe d’Huez Festival

Bursts of laughter for an hour and a half and loud applause for Philippe Lacheau, who got up at the end of the session. This Monday evening, while it was snowing on Alpe d’Huez, the public screening of ” Alibi.com 2” at the opening of the Festival received an ultra-warm welcome.

This second opus after the success of the first which recorded 3.6 million admissions six years ago, reserves an avalanche of gags that are superimposed in an XXL wedding cake. In ” Alibi.com “, Greg and his friends held a box that provided turnkey alibis to adulterous husbands and more generally to all those who wanted to lie to their loved ones. But at the end of the film, Greg promised Flo, his partner, not to lie anymore and closed his business. When ” Alibi.com 2” begins, Greg proposes to Flo in marriage. But here it is: when she wants to meet the young man’s parents, whom she doesn’t know are a crook and a charming actress, Greg resolves to put together a “last alibi” to save his couple. With his two former associates, Augustin and Mehdi, he will hire fake parents. This initial situation gives rise to increasingly improbable and incredible twists as the film progresses.

“It was absolutely brilliant! enthuses Sylvie. This 68-year-old retiree had not seen “Alibi.com”, but she “regrets” it. “If it’s the same sauce, I’ll see it,” promises herself the one who particularly liked the scenes where the hero’s father-in-law, played by Didier Bourdon, finds himself naked as a worm.

The buttocks of the Unknown is also what amused Sandrine, 43, and Nicolas, 42, the most. “When he takes the plate in the behind…! “, laugh this physiotherapist and this director in the telephony. The couple found Philippe Lacheau’s new comedy “very funny”. “It’s very much in line with the first film”, notes Madame, while Monsieur underlines that in this new feature film, “it’s even more gag on gag”. Sandrine and Nicolas appreciated “the high-end cast”, and in particular the actors who joined the band this time, from Gad Elmaleh to Arielle Dombasle, via Alexandra Lamy, “even if it’s just an appearance “.

Camille and Arthur, 21 and 22, also consider the feature film “incredible”. “Gérard Jugnot is very funny, as in all his films”, estimates the young woman, radio manipulator in the region. “We haven’t seen Alibi.com, but now, we really want to find out, ”adds his companion, driver-groomer in the station. “It’s really great, it goes all over the place, even more than in the first feature film,” smiles Sébastien, a 44-year-old shopkeeper who came with his wife Aurore.

And it’s true that we laugh a lot in ” Alibi.com 2″: Bourdon’s buttocks, of course, exposed several times, but also those of Julien Arruti (Augustin) who find themselves glued to a toilet seat, and a multitude of other misunderstandings and potaches . The newcomers Dombasle (as an actress of “Scarfesse”, “Rasta kékette” or “It slides into Wonderland”) and Jugnot (as an unscrupulous crook) do not shy away from their pleasure and happily participate in this one-upmanship. As for Gad Elmaleh, as boss of Habibi.comthe Moroccan license ofAlibi.comit turns out to be hilarious.

Lacheau and his band have further refined their know-how and their sense of the reply. Like when Mehdi let go, when imagining ascendants to Greg: “We make them false parents, as we did for the son of Francis Lalanne”. And they’re not afraid to go to great lengths, gliding a kid who jumps on a bouncy castle or knocking him out before locking him up. To make the viewer laugh Fifi’s Band definitely doesn’t need an alibi.

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