Alicia Focone, Biterroise participant of the Queens of mechanics: “A woman who touches mechanics, it intrigues”

La Biterroise will be on RMC Découverte, this Wednesday, November 16, in a program dedicated to women who have opened their own garage or body shop.

Alicia Focone, 26-year-old Biterroise, will participate, this Wednesday, November 16, in the new show of the Endemol production box: The Queens of Mechanics. The show was shot in his garage in Thézan-lès-Béziers at the beginning of last summer. The opportunity for her to continue to democratize a profession “of boy”.

How did this passion for mechanics come about?

In fact, since I was little, I have been attracted to this boy’s world: repairing bicycles, small cars, etc. And, when I got my first car, three years ago, I had a major accident with wild boars and I challenged myself to completely repair it. In six months I succeeded. From there I started to graduate. Then I opened my garage.

You speak of a “boy universe” and this show precisely highlights women…

It was a source of motivation, it is true. But as soon as I opened my garage, I quickly got on social media. The goal was to give me even more publicity to get started by doing live broadcasts. Thanks to that, the production of the show saw me and then contacted me and I said to myself: “Why not show that women are also capable of touching mechanics.”

Social networks were also a passion, or was it exclusively to make you known?

It’s because I’m a woman… And being a woman who touches mechanics is intriguing. It’s weird to say that but social networks help to reassure and democratize. Many young women have already sent me messages to tell me: “It’s so good, I would have liked to do this job”. Then, commercially, it installs a bond of trust with customers by showing another side of the mechanic that is often hidden in other garages.

In this professional sector, being a woman has already been an obstacle?

It is sometimes difficult to gain the trust of customers. Some are really reluctant. But by force, we make a place for ourselves. Between my presence on social networks which shows my way of working and this show which gives us pride of place, people can see that a woman is capable of doing as well as a man, or even better.

How was this first television experience?

You have to admit, it’s very stressful. I did a lot of stupid things with the cameras. Well, we laughed about it. On the other hand, it is very motivating!

Six episodes of almost an hour

The Queens of Mechanics will be available in two episodes of almost an hour, this Wednesday, November 16. The first episode, at 9:05 p.m., is entitled “Passion piston, hose and crankshaft”. The second: “Mechanical profession”. On RMC Découverte there will be eight of them, from all over France, with one objective: to break the clichés.

They will share their passions with viewers during other episodes, not yet programmed.


They are car mechanics, motorcycles, trucks, army 4x4s, bodybuilders or tire tow trucks, and they all have one thing in common: they are experts in their field!

ud83duddd3ufe0fFind Les Reines de la Mécanique, Wednesday, November 16 at 9:10 p.m. on #RMCDécouverte

— Endemol France (@Endemol_France) October 25, 2022

Next Wednesday, November 16, 9:10 p.m., on RMC Découverte (channel 24).

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