AMD’s Zen 5 architecture is already appearing in HWiNFO

The Ryzen 7000 Series are just beginning to be marketed when support for AMD’s next architecture is already arriving in HWiNFO.


While theAMD’s Zen 4 architecture has just landed on the market, via the processors Ryzen 7000 Series, the following architecture is already starting to make people talk about it. The release note of the HWiNFO software indeed indicates the addition of support – necessarily partial – for processors from the Zen 5 family.

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Initial and very partial support

In practice, this means that the developers already know the family identifier of this future range of CPUs, and that HWiNFO is already able to detect them correctly. On the other hand, this is an initial support; the software will probably not be able to indicate the exact model or its characteristics (frequency, amount of cache memory, number of cores, etc.). As a reminder, the processors on Zen 5 architectureprobably the Ryzen 8000 Seriesshould land in 2024 and benefit from 4 nm engraving, while remaining compatible with the newly launched AM5 socket.

This new version 7.30 of HWiNFO take this opportunity to correct some problems and add or improve certain features. Finally, note the extended support for Intel Arc Cards and AMD Radeon RDNA3but also those of the most recent motherboards in Z790, B760, X670 or B650 chipsets.

Source : HWiNFO

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