AMEE and Laprophan seal partnership

Signed by the Director General of AMEE, Saïd Mouline, and the CEO of Laprophan, Farid Bennis, this agreement aims to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies, as well as capacity building and awareness .

Under this agreement, the partners agree to cooperate closely and consult each other on issues of mutual interest in order to achieve their common objectives, namely the promotion of energy efficiency and energy sobriety, capacity building and raising awareness of energy and climate issues, the promotion of decentralized renewable energies, the promotion of green jobs, technical assistance and the exchange of information.

Accompanied by the AMEE, Laprophan is committed to this process, in order to monitor and coordinate the construction of a photovoltaic energy production system. The roof of the Laprophan Laboratories Distribution and Logistics Center can accommodate a 114.45 kWp photovoltaic generator.

In a statement to MAP, Mr. Mouline noted that the agreement is part of the energy transition desired at the highest level of the State. “We want to show today that all sectors are affected by this energy transition and that all manufacturers must take energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies into account,” he said.

These are thousands of projects that can be developed throughout the country to use own national resources instead of imported resources, to not only reduce industrial energy bills but lower Morocco’s energy bill and develop jobs in this sector. domain, he noted.

For his part, Bennis pointed out that Laprophan aims to accelerate efforts to reduce its environmental impact and develop a roadmap to significantly reduce its carbon emissions through innovation and new technologies, but also the search for energy efficiency and the increased use of renewable energies.

“Laprophan is supported by the AMEE, both in the context of our roadmap and in the context of the monitoring and coordination of the photovoltaic energy production system of the power plant of the Distribution and Logistics Center (CDL) of Laprophan inaugurated today,” he continued.

With an annual production of 184,280 kWh, this system will produce an average of 505 kWh per day, meeting 80% of the electrical energy demand of the Laprophan Laboratories Distribution and Logistics Center with solar energy. This will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by reducing the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by 136 tons annually. The annual producible will thus have a very positive environmental impact equivalent to 58,430 L of unburned gasoline as well as the absorption capacity of a 13-hectare forest.

It should be noted that Morocco is experiencing significant economic growth which leads to needs in terms of construction with many complex social, economic and environmental challenges.

The building sector represents one of the main energy-consuming sectors in Morocco with constantly growing consumption. Sustainable resilient constructions are now emerging as an effective solution to reduce energy consumption.

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