American presenter Jay Leno received skin grafts after his accident

Jay Leno, a famous American television host, received skin grafts to treat his severe burns to his face and hands following the explosion of one of his cars, his doctor said on Wednesday.

The former “Tonight Show” host will undergo further surgery this week.

He remains hospitalized in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering second-degree and possibly third-degree burns when one of his vehicles caught fire in his private garage on Sunday.

“I expect him to make a full recovery,” said doctor Peter Grossman, who described the 72-year-old comedian’s condition as “good”.

“At this precise moment, it is difficult to predict in what state he will emerge from all this”, however specified the doctor.

Car collector Jay Leno was under one of his vehicles when the accident occurred, due to a fuel leak that ignited.

His collection, which includes rare vintage cars and motorcycles, is said to be worth ten million dollars.

According to Peter Grossman, the comedian kept his good humor: “It’s Jay Leno. He walks around and he makes jokes,” said the doctor.

“I can tell you he’s been incredibly kind to our nursing staff…He’s been grateful to everyone here and he’s an ideal patient, who understands the seriousness of his injuries.”

The presenter had taken the lead of the very popular “Tonight Show” in 1992 after Johnny Carson, a legend of American talk shows.

He was particularly known for his introductory monologues in which he teased his guests, whether they were political figures or celebrities.

Jay Leno hosted the show for 22 years, before being replaced by comedian Jimmy Fallon in 2014.


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