American rock legend dies from illness

American rocker David Crosby, a member of the Byrds and then of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, died this week at the age of 81, following a long illness.

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The world of rock’n’roll is once again in mourning! American singer and guitarist David Crosby, died this week at the age of 81. The one who had been a member of the Byrds in the early 60s, before co-founding the band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY), is died this week at the age of 81, following a long illnessannounced several American media, such as variety and Rolling Stones. Although the precise date of the artist’s death has not been confirmed, we note that his Twitter account was still active, this Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Among a large number of posts shared that day, he had delivered an amusing reflection on paradise: “I heard the place is over rated… cloudy“, he had written.

David Crosby: a rock’n’roll pioneer!

Originally from California, where he was born in 1941, David Crosby established himself as one of the pioneers of rock’n’rollmixing sounds from England and American folk. He had his first success surrounded by his acolytes from The Byrds, then Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young., before going solo too! His former CSNY accomplice, Graham Nash wanted to pay tribute to him: “I know people tend to focus on the volatility of our relationship at times, but what has always meant more than anything to David and me is the sheer joy of the music we’ve created together, the its that we discovered with each other and lthe deep friendship that we have shared during all these long years.”

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David Crosby’s desire to get back on stage!

David Crosby, who is deceased surrounded by his wife Jan Dance and his son Django, had recently announced that he no longer wanted to go back on stage. “I’m too old to do it. I don’t have the stamina. I don’t have the strength,” he said before changing his mind just a few weeks ago, writing in a tweet: “Dare I say it? I think I’m starting another band and I’m going to go back and play on stage“, he hoped then.

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