AMIENS SC: The cut to go on vacation on a good note

If we will have to wait more than a month before the return of Ligue 2, Amiens SC is playing one last match before the truce imposed by the World Cup, against Aiglon du Lamentin, this Saturday in the 8th round of French Cup.

This is the opportunity. That of going on vacation with your head a little less dizzy. Because theAmiens SC is in poor shape, at least from the point of view of results. And Paul Charruauthe second goalkeeper from Amiens, notes it, logically, whatever the content may be: “Loss is never pleasant, psychologically speaking. » Consequently, it is on this aspect that overcoming the pitfall of this 8th round of the French Cup can be important and “can bring a different dynamic”, in principle. An impact, however, limited by the fact “that there is the cut after this matchunderlines the lining of Régis Gurtner. The next game is over a month away, so it’s always better to perform, but I don’t think it will make a difference on the match of December 26. »

A line of reasoning that is also defended Philippe Hinschberger who believes that on recovery, “we’re going on to something else”even if he too wants stop this spiral. » Especially since the context does not change much, explains the one who should be his goalkeeper on Saturday, if the crutch he received on the hip during a slip in training does not bother him: “We would have had 4 wins, the objective would have been the same. It does not add any particular pressure. »

Still, scoring goals can’t hurt attackers, likeArokodare last season, which “has found a lot of efficiency in cutting” and the ” trust “ which goes with it, insists his coach. Which nuances all the same: ” I left Chibozo and Bandé against Chambly, it is not a gift. Diakhaby in Cambrai last year, it was not a success, these are not games to shine. It can, but it’s not never easy. »

The same seriousness, but a status to assume

Offensive examples which show that, on the other hand, this opportunity, it will be necessary to seize it not to know the opposite effect. Because facing the manateeMartinican R1 team, a defeat would ” stain “, according to Paul Charruau. However, even against this kind of adversary, and while assuming its position of favoritehis trainer wants to be suspicious: “There is no never a formality, that’s not the term, we have to respect the opponent and make the difference in level speak. It’s up to usimpose our game. »

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Author of a thunderous start to the season, marked by 9 goals in 5 games for the U19s and a remarkable start in reserve with 2 goals in 3 games, will George Ilenikhena make his debut with the pros this Saturday? In any case, he trained with the group this week.

Because if he admits that he does not know Martinican football quite well and has ” taken maximum information on this team, but we have less than usual”, he also knows what game to expect. And especially the importance of the first goal : “As long as we have not opened the scoring, opposite, it will hang on. »

So even if it’s a lower division opponent, no slacking off. “We continue to work as usual” explains the stunt double of Régis Gurtner. Especially since, cutting effect obliges, Philippe Hinschberger is convinced, “we will surely not have not 4 divisions apart on the ground. » Not only, carried by the event, the Lamentinois could well raise their level of play. So, if we are a little less good, it reduces” the gap, and makes the decision more indecisive. Enough to do everything to, at least, limit this second aspect.

Only constrained rotation

Thus Philippe Hinschberger don’t hesitate for a second on the subject, no question of running. “I spared players in Chambly because there were games behindhe explains, there, there will be absent, but I will put my best team. »

Among the absentees, the internationals, Bandaged, Nojo Fofana and Mendy, already. But also Lachuerseriously injured in the meniscus, since it required an operation this week, Leauteywho took a blow to the tendon during a shock against Quevilly and Doums Fofana, injured in the knee, who did not train this week. This should make room for young people, as only 12 outfield players from the usual Ligue 2 team are available, starting with Assogba, on pole to occupy one of the three places in the axis of the defense. Absences which also opened up the place for training this week, perhaps failing to see them in the group this Saturday, at Leprechaun, Ilenikhena, Touho and Tutuana.

7th round of the French Cup

Saturday 19 November, 5 p.m., Stade Crédit Agricole La Licorne: Amiens SC (L2) – Aiglon Le Lamentin (R1 Martinique)

Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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