Amina Fatine Azhari: An Acute Sensitivity to the Atmosphere

As in life, to each his own paradise. And the Moroccan artist-painter Amina Fatine Azhari seems to have chosen her own: abstract art. The work of this visual artist who lives and works in Casablanca aims to capture something beyond life and make us feel it. However, she presents us with abstract works in which she has taken care to introduce her dreams, her reflections, her visions, her convictions which plunge us straight into the heart of her sumptuous universe.

Amina Azhari FatineThere is something essential that has made this artist achieve full mastery of her art throughout a journey, a journey heavy with secret meanings that took time to germinate and open up like a flower. Her work indeed captures a real intuition by feeding on a creativity that she masters with uncompromising ease. His abstract paintings are intended to erase the distinction between reality and its representation, to actually take representation for a vision, a door open to the unspeakable and which thus makes us feel this proximity to reality and that is perhaps the same aspect captured by other, even more poetic and philosophical ways.

There is no need for the infinity of words to enter into poetry, the brush is worth a refined and grandiose pen, approaching a world that captivates us. This is what we also remember from the work of our inspired visual artist. A work that combines poetry, narration and painting in a process always to be reinvented.
Subtle and invisible, we see it in the painting of Amina Fatine where the quivering of the abstract receives and animates the intervention of a play of shapes, traces, color, like the poet who uses words to write the poem. The subtlety of this painting asserts itself with brilliance in the real enchantment of these very beautiful compositions, these large format canvases.

His keen sensitivity to atmosphere, the sureness of composition, the exceptional control of the palette characterized by a muted tone, counterbalanced by the colors, is simply magnificent. It must be said that she is an artist who is still at the peak of her considerable possibilities. Her work exhibits a hyper-sensitivity to color, texture, light, shape, density and even the spiritual vibrations of the chosen subject.

Through her pictorial expression, she dares to reinterpret her subjects in a completely new way, both in form and in colors and materials. She exploits and handles colors to perfection and invests with dexterity abstract spaces. And if the technique that she currently loves with passion is one of the components of her artistic universe, it is quite simply because semi-graphic expression is the logical outcome of any artist who wants to be in total agreement with its culture and its innate artistic faculties.

Amina Azhari FatineTo look at the works of Amina Fatine El Azhari is also to encounter sincerity and a certain conviction that do not leave us indifferent. However, his genius is to always manage to stay in the truth and the accuracy of the emotions, such as we feel them, when we let ourselves be invaded by his plastic universe misleading in more than one way. She also has the gift of suggestive power. All her pictorial expression is oriented towards the non-figurative, because she is a Mediterranean painter par excellence, with a warm and spontaneous temperament. And his canvases are treated instinctively, in disciplined touches and organized spots that come together with talent and reveal themselves to be subtle in optimized tones.

Lightness of the material and delicate waves in an arrangement that expresses a constant evolution and an assurance that gains in sobriety, in symbiosis with the sensitivity of the artist. Conglomerates of free and fragmented creations and bewitching and mysterious grimoires. Happy make-up, in search of beauty and a certain taste for happiness, his works parade before our eyes, different formats which form a coherent whole and which clearly define the character and style of the artist. Going immediately to the gestures of her works, to her innumerable canvases of the varied effects of her surroundings, her interior, her feelings, she has always succeeded in impregnating the subjects she has chosen.
It must be said in the end that the painting of Amina Fatine El Azhari is ripe for new whispers of the imagination, the magical ferment of art. She, like so many other artists around the world, has this desire to fulfill her destiny to the end. She cultivates her garden of wonders with the same frenzy.

Ayoub Akil

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