Amman: The Opera Festival Hosts This Year “La Traviata”

Jordanian soprano Zeina Barhoum and Italian Riccardo Gatto will be the lead singers

The Amman Opera Festival in Jordan will kick off its fourth edition on Wednesday and Friday, showcasing Verdi’s iconic opera “La traviata”.

The first festival of its kind in the Arab world, will be held at the Academy Theater in Amman, under the patronage of Princess Muna Al-Hussein.

With Jordanian soprano Zeina Barhoum and Italian Riccardo Gatto as lead singers, the performance will be accompanied by the Italian Opera Chorus of Piacenza, the Terre Verdiane Orchestra and musicians from Jordan.

Amman Academy director Yasmin Nassif expressed the organization’s pride in hosting the festival. Ms. Nassif said the academy established its theater to provide artists and scholars with a place to showcase their creativity.

Conductor Massimo Taddia, director Riccardo Canessa and Gatto also said they are very enthusiastic about participating in this event, adding that it will contribute to the orchestra’s friendship with Jordanian stakeholders.

For the 5th edition of the festival in 2023, a show based on Petra presented in Arabic, English and the ancient Nabataean dialect is in preparation.

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