An evening in the intimacy of Chaplin at Jean-Piat

A theatrical evening on the icon Charlie Chaplin.

The Canet cultural program offers Friday January 20 at 8:30 p.m. Chaplin 1939produced by Lucernaire and directed by Cliff Paillé assisted by Sophie Poulain, with Romain Arnaud-Kneisky, Swan Starosta and Alexandre Cattez.

1939: Chaplin is an icon, rich, adored, courageous in his choices… incredibly free. But he launches into the writing of the Dictator. He wants to pay for Hitler, whom he finds ridiculous and who, above all, dared to steal his mustache. This artist preparing to write the Dictator struggles between emotion, tension and humor. Facing the Charlot double, facing his wife and brother Sidney, facing talkies and the arrival of color, facing his past, his present, his pain and his strength, Charlie wavers. Breaking a mirror is never without consequences. This period of bubbling creation will involve Chaplin in a true intimate storm, as violent as unexpected. A smiling, deep and unexpected dive into the intimacy of a genius.

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