an incredible combination of circumstances lands 15 police officers in a sports hall

Jamie Alleyne, a sports coach in Australia, was surprised to see about fifteen police officers arrive in his gym on a very normal training day. The latter told him that they had received a call from him, concerning a shooting in progress. The circumstances that led to this misunderstanding are most improbable.

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Definitely, Apple devices tend to go to the quarter turn at the moment. After the iPhone 14 panicking when their owner goes skiing, it is now the turn of the Apple Watch Series 7 to embarrass its user. Jamie Alleyne, a 34-year-old Australian sports coach, had a hard time understanding why about fifteen police officers suddenly arrived in his gym.

While giving a lesson to one of his clients, Jamie Alleyne discovers that a police officer has just burst in. He then explains to him that he received a call about a shooting. The coach does not understand and explains to him that he did not hear anything. However, the policeman tells him that the call comes from his number. Meanwhile, other officers are making the rounds of the owner to make sure everything is in order.

His Apple Watch calls the police for the most unlikely reason

Even more surprising, Jamie Alleyne says he did not have his smartphone on him at the time of the call. The latter could therefore only be passed from one other device, his Apple Watch. The coach and the police then try to trace the thread of events that may have led to this huge misunderstanding. According to Jamie Alleyne, Siri must have triggered by mistake after pressing and holding the button of his connected watch during training.

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However, at this precise moment, the coach repeated “1-1-2” to his client in order to give him the rhythm. However, 112 is one of the emergency numbers in Australia. Hearing this, Siri thought she was being asked to call for help. But it doesn’t stop there: Jamie Alleyne also encouraged his client by declaring “good shots”, ie “well done” but also, in the language of Shakespeare… “nice shot”. It did not take more for the voice assistant to believe in a shooting. And trigger what is certainly one of the biggest misunderstandings in history.

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