an open-world survival game offered for a limited time

This multiplayer survival game will be free for a few days. We’ll show you how to get your hands on it.

Survival, a genre that increasingly appeals to gamers and streamers

The survival game is an increasingly popular genre. This style of play offers unparalleled freedom and often a colossal lifespan. Everything is even more pleasant when possible to share the adventure.

Subnautica, TheForest or Don’t Starve Together are excellent representatives of the genre. Games with a radically different style, proof that the game of survival can please everyone. How about trying your luck? For a few days, this survival game in open world is totally free. We explain how to take advantage of the offer.

A free open-world game with very generous content

From this Thursday, September 22, you will be able to add the open-world survival game Ark: Survival Evolvedfree to your library on the Epic Games Store. In this title released in 2017, you find yourself helpless on a wild island where dinosaurs reign supreme.

You will have to survive by fending for yourself or teaming up with other players in this open world. An original concept, which could convince you despite slightly dated graphics. Ark: Survival Evolved also has many DLCs if you want to prolong the pleasure. On Metacritic, the game is rated 70 out of 100 by the press and 6.5 by gamers. More than satisfactory ratings for a free game. You have until Thursday, September 28 to take advantage of the offer on the Epic Games Store.

Source used: Metacritic

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